Muddy Waters


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Dec 30, 2014
This is my ordeal:

September 2012= Submitted VA claims after back to back deployments and AGR tour
August 2013= Awarded 40%, denied ankle and knee conditions deemed not service connected (with LOD)
September 2013= submitted reconsideration
May 2014= reconsideration denied
May 2014= submitted formal appeal
August 2014= Requested fit for duty
November 13 2014= Received fit for duty (Ft Bragg), box checked requires MEB. Temp Profile with 3 T3s ankle, knee and shoulder
December 7-9 2014= 3 exams performed by Fort Bragg Ortho, Doctor recommended MEB for 3 unfitting conditions knee, ankle and shoulder ( same ankle and knee)
January 26 2015= Enrolled in IDES Fort Bragg
February 6 2015= Meet PEBLO and MSC Submitted VA claims
February 17 2015 2015= C&P exams
March 10 2015= Recieved and signed NARSUM 3 unfit conditions and 7 conditions meeting standard. Received perm profile with 3 P3s
April 17 2015= recommend unfit by IPEB. Last conversation with PEBLO
May 21 2015= VA ratings complete

This is the muddy part:

May 21 2015= All conditions meeting standard were rated and claim closed. New claim opened with no conditions listed. Percentage upped to 50%
May 27 2015= Received retro pay from Feb 2015 for all rated claims that met standard. In EBennies, I can see all rating but one. For my unfit conditions, in the disabilities link under column "related to" it says Disability Evaluation System.
May 28 2015= I can only assume my file is at the PEB in the adjucation stage for my remaining unfit conditions.

I thought I had this IDES figured out. I was wrong.
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