My FBEB Experience thus far


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I posted a while back about appealing FIT findings for major depressive disorder. The appeal process was a bit lengthy and I had my case heard by the board, in person, on November 29, 2018.
The board members consisted of a Marine 0-6, a Navy 0-6 (both non-medical), and a Navy 0-6 doctor. The non-medical Navy 0-6 was one of the board members who originally found me fit. After the script was read I told my story with the help of my lawyer, including my hospitalization in August for suicidal attempt. The entire experience was very emotional. Once I finished talking with my lawyer the questioning began from the board. The Doctor started, asking me why I waited so long to go to therapy after my first friend committed suicide. After my explanation he stated that my medical record didn't indicate that I had initial spoken to my psychiatrist about my friends suicide. He then asked me what method my friends used to commit suicide. In tears I responded, "Gunshot wound" to both. The questioning turned to my ability to use TA to pursue a degree while in LIMDU status. I explained that taking a class or two was not very difficult, and as a Nuke it helped keep my mind occupied, as was recommended by my therapist. He patronized me for trying to better myself, and finished his questioning. The other Navy 0-6 was next. In a nutshell she explained to me that she found me fit initially, I had good evals, and despite having been hospitalized for suicidal intentions, that I could, and should, return to full duty as a nuclear machinist mate (mind you my NMA clearly states that I have not worked in rate in over a year, I have failed multiple PRTs due to weight gain, and that I can not return to nuclear field duty). The Marine 0-6 didn't add much, just stating that he believed this was a difficult case for the board to make a decision on.

Well, it's been nearly three weeks and I have not heard anything in terms of results. I'm not sure what that means or what to expect.

I just wanted to share my experience so that others could prepare themselves for the formal board.


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Wow, that is an extraordinary long time to wait for a FPEB decision. Hope the best for you!


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I spoke with the PEBLO yesterday, my case has been at the VA for about a month. The FPEB overturned the IPEB decision to UNFIT. I am currently awaiting a rating from the VA and the results to be forwarded back to the PEBLO for me to sign.
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