MY Process and Ratings as of Today 5Sep17


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6Dec16-Diagnosed UC
27Jan17-NARSUM Written/Submitted
9Feb17-Commanders Letter
10Feb17-Narsum/CC Letter Sent to Chief Of Medicine
27Feb17-AFPC Needs Justification for 469 limitations prior to Adjudication?
31Mar17-AFPC recommends full MEB
5Apr17-Meet with PEBLO
6Apr17-Meet with MSC
12Apr17-C&P Eye
18Apr17-C&P All
19Apr17-C&P Hearing
30May17-C&P Notes Finished-Sent to PEBLO
12Jun17-Signed NARSUM/Reviewed Package
15Aug17-Package Accepted at PEB
21Aug17-Mypers Notification/Sent to VA for ratings
5Sep17-Called MSC ratings complete 30% for Unfitting Condition 80% Overall VA


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Congrats! Unfortunately I was just RTD here locally for UC. Bummer as I'm already at 20+ years..Crossing fingers AFPC says not fit.
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