My timeline


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15Oct18- refered to MEB
1NOV18-C&P”s complete
10Nov-Completed Navy exams
15Nov18- phone with peeblo
18nov18- phone with VA
20Nov18- Narsum complete
21Nov18- Va Recives documents
9Feb19 - IDES attorney says my JDETS report says “ Post Adjudication forward for Qa” he says that likely means i’m Fit.
14Feb19- I call the PEB hotline and they say that I was found unfit and it got sent to the VA
19Feb19- PEB says The VA received my Package.
25Feb19- VA says they just got the package today.
27 feb 18 - lawyer tells me my JDETS now says that it’s forward to the VA meaning I most likely am found unfit .


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Anyone else want to post theirs ? At least people can see how long it’s been taking, mine is going on 5 months without ratings yet.


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Hey! If your case was forwarded to the VA from the PEB then you were found unfit. I started my meb in june18 and just got my ratings back from the va on 14feb19.
The peb received my paperwork 28november.
Good luck!
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