My Updated Army DES Fort Sam Houston Timeline


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OCT 7 2110 Phys Notification of MEB

OCT 17 2010 CMD Notified

Dec/Jun 2010 C&P Appointments

Jun 2 2011 C&P Appointment

June 05 PTSD appointment with Army Doc (guess the one I did with the AF was not good enough.June 10 2011 Contacted by PEBLO letting me know that MEB packet was ready for my review.

June 20 2011 appointment with PEBLO to review NARSUM/MEB packet.

June 27 Submitted NARSUM/MEB Rebuttal

July 12 Rebuttal accepted and changes made. I asked my PEBLO if he needed anything from me was told no. PEBLO told me that my packet would be going to the PEB within the next week.

July 13 I asked PEBLO to email a new copy of my profile.

July 15 PEBLO emails me and says ok give him a second.

August 1, Surprise visited to PEBLO because he never sent me the new profile, I find out that my packet is still on his desk. He then tells me oh I need some paper work from you. (NCOER, CO letters, ERB, LES) I asked why did you not ask for it back in July his reply oh I did not need it then.

August 4 2011 Packet sent to PEB

August 18 2011 Unfit finding from PEB PEBLO told me that it would be 5 weeks before I have my VA ratings.

September 14 PEBLO called VA ratings are in.

September 15 Army 70% TDRL VA 90% I was awarded a 10A/C for all my injuries and it is stated in the 199.
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