Narcolepsy Ratings


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I have seen a lot of comments on narcolepsy starting off at a 10% rating but then people getting it up to 40-80%
Anyone have input on how they did it? What was the supporting documentation to increase the rating? And did you get a lot of push back with the appeal?



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80% narco here. If you don't have documented narcoleptic episodes or cataplectic episodes, you're going to get low balled. I found the DBQ for narcolepsy on the VA website, reached out to my sleep doctor and had him use the exact verbage in an ALTA note.

Narcolepsy is also rated in the same scale as epilepsy. Seizures are to epilepsy what narcoleptic/cataplectic episodes are to narcolepsy. A lot of VA raters will look for the word seizure in your medical record and, being that they will not find it, will rate you at 10%. I recommend getting your sleep specialist to write a MFR that shows this link. Better yet, have your sleep doctor fill out the VA DBQ and put it in your medical records.
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