NARSUM Completed Today!


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Hello to all!

Just wanted to quickly post my experience today with the completion of my Narrative Summary.

I showed up at the MTF for my 8:30 appointment around 7:50 basically to get my name on the list prior to all the WTU soldiers showing up there. I signed in and waited for about 30 minutes and was called into the hallway from the waiting room by the doc. He informed me he did not have all of the consult paperwork from my cardiologist. I was thinking in my head, "Here we go..." but thankfully his assistant sidestepped this potential landmine - she got on the phone with my cardiologist's office and had all the proper paperwork faxed over within 20 minutes. From this point I sat down in his office and began the NARSUM.

One thing I find myself doing when I step into these MEB/PEB personnel's offices is taking a good look at what they have hanging on the walls. This particular doctor was a retired Navy O-6, I noticed he had degrees from Mercer University though I was sitting too far away to ascertain if this was his medical degree or undergraduate (I presume it was his medical). I turned behind me and noticed some awards for being the flight surgeon on various carriers between the late 70's and late 90's. I can say this made me feel comfortable knowing this particular doc was a veteran and also dealt with servicemembers in a medical capacity while serving.

He explained to me the MEB/PEB process. I had to stop myself from breaking into a smile, being one sentence ahead of him as he spoke (due to the extensive insight into the process I have gained from this forum!). I told him I completely understand and have done plenty of research. He was delighted by that fact, I indicated to him that as we move along I may have some questions. He told me that would not be a problem.

I was surprised at how the NARSUM began. Before he even looked at my paperwork he asked me what exactly was going on. I explained to him in my own words how my condition became apparent. He then broke into my medical records and began typing away at the keyboard. I was watching every word he typed onto that screen! I must admit it was difficult for me to let my 'guard' down regardless of his initial kindness, professionalism, and what he had hanging on his wall.

Under the DIAGNOSES AND IMPRESSIONS section, he quickly typed a summary of my symptoms based off a mix of what I told him and what was written in my medical record. Before moving on, he asked if I agreed with what he wrote. At this point I realized this was going to go a lot smoother than I thought, I replied 'Yes' and we moved on.

He came to the dreaded 'EPTS or LOD' line under the symptoms. He asked me when my heart condition first manifested itself. I broke out my witness testimony from Iraq and told him "On a combat patrol in Iraq, around April 2008". He read the statement and immediately put a 'No' in front of EPTS and a 'Yes' in front of LOD - then indicating this was 'medically unacceptable IAW AR 40-501 Ch 3.21.1.m. and 3-41.e(1)'. He then instructed me that I may be categorized under 'combat-zone aggravation' which was discussed in a post over this past weekend. He offered no promises though.

As we continued he was very consistent in his method, he would simply look at my records then ask me a question as if he somehow wanted to extrapolate the medical terminology into my favor. This finally appeased me into letting my 'guard' down as it was obvious this doc was on my side. I showed him my PT card and he only listed the scores that obviously showed I was over 250 before deployment and under 150 after (enter insult here!). He went so far as to showing the large difference in my run times in the summary.

He also noted that my chain of command, peers, and myself all noticed a drop in my physical 'well-being'. Putting words in my mouth such as indicating I was constantly prone to syncope, had trouble breathing, had constant palpitations, and an almost constant dizziness resulting from little physical activity. While this is true I only hinted at it! It was like he was reading my mind.

The final paragraph listed all the tests and procedures I had done. Including the METS I achieved on the stress test, as I was about to ask him a question regarding METS he informed me that the METS are not an accurate measurement of cardiovascular health. "Well said, sir" is all I could really say. He noticed my 'murmur' was graded in a way that could be cross referenced with table 3.1 in AR 40-501 and indicated that according to that table I fall under the '5-7' METS category. So we will see how the PEB handles that.

I'm not sure of other's experiences with the NARSUM but mine was wonderful. The doctor was very helpful and was clearly 'on my side'. The first person I've encountered in this process that I didn't categorize as part of 'the system' that will give you as little as possible.

One question I ask and it may seem trivial - I met with my PEBLO after and she asked for copies of LES and record briefs. I am very particular about who I give these documents to. Call it an old fashioned sense of privacy but I like to know what this information is used for. Can anybody tell me what exactly they need to know from the information contained on my LES/record brief?


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It sounds like you hit a home run with your NARSUM and that is great. I personally would not give my LES or record brief to the PEBLO without knowing why they require it. It cannot recall for certain but I don't beliueve any of this was forwarded to the PEB in my case.



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I had to turn in a copy of my LES as well; and then another one after my 1-year mark passed. I believe they use this to confirm your rank and years of service.


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Talked to my PEBLO about the LES/record brief she said they use it to confirm rank/time in service. I also confirmed this in the Army regs. I just figured that the military would have much more efficient and formal ways of doing this.


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Wow! That sounds great:) It looks like everything is going in your favor. The fact that your doctor is prior service is a big plus. Hope everything else goes as smooth as your NARSUM :)

I wonder how long its gonna take for you to get your findings.
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