Navy: 3rd HT/WT failure during medboard


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Hello! A little background information on me: my medboard process was started in August of this year(for Major Depression[recurrent]) and I have finished my VA appointments and my NMA was received. Meanwhile, I am about to fail my height and weight for the third time in the last 4 cycles(one time I had a waiver.) I'm exhausted and ready to accept failure and discharge from a meb or from adsep. However, for my wife, our two children, and my wife's grandmother that I support I need to provide a plan on how we can survive this without literal starvation and ending up homeless.

  • What kind of possible outcomes could there be from this? I've heard that physical stuff like HT/WT trump behavioral health medical boards.
  • What should I expect? I figure they could outprocess me in as little as 6 weeks after I go in for my HT/WT today.
  • What do people do to transition out when they aren't being supported anymore? As in, no separation pay or continual pay but still have a family? I've been trying to figure out the availability of unemployment, social security, credentials to do what I did as a sailor instead as a civilian, deciding on where to move to on discharge, food stamps, and any other damn thing I can think of to keep my kids fed and housed.
Hyperlinks or direct advice are both appreciated and thank you for any responses.

Very respectfully.
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