NAVY Formal Board time frame


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You should be getting a letter in the mail from the va. Called the va and they had the wrong address so I had a second copy mailed. I wanna say it originally got mailed about 2-3 weeks after my status changed to pending decision approval. It will not go any further until you seperate and turn in your dd214.


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Got my PEB results, fit. To appeal, I was told I need new evidance adding to what I was boarded for. I've had 2 knee scopes. Results said for knee pain fit to serve. So to appeal would a new ROM do?


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Was your PEB a formal or informal? Because if it is the informal you can appeal. But you can also appeal a formal board it is a petition for relief. Talk with your JAG about it. There are a couple and if i remember there is a Mike's DES Outrage which talks about some of that. Take a look.

Charles Maine

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gunmate1: Sounds like you and I am in the same exact boat. My story is just like your with the except that my stuff was received in Washington the 1st week in November and the VA got it the first week in January. I was told mid-January that I should hear something Mar 1st. So I stopped my weekly calls down to San Diego to the PEB office. Well I called again yesterday since Mar 1st is coming soon and I was told that the VA is taking about 45 days to get packages done. So I said okay and hung up. Then I got to thinking Tuesday was 45 days...Well I wonder if he meant working days??? So I am going to give it until about the 10th of March and call back again.

BTW I am Navy and had 8 "contents" in my claim.


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No not this time, but the first time i did. It actually sucked. But i am stationed in DC so it was easier than most. Parking at the Navy Yard sucks, it is not convienent for someone with a disability on that post. I had to walk almost a mile to find the place where the FPEB was being held and then, there is no place that clearly shows where they are, the buildings don't have big numbers on them. It was an exhausting experience, and i think but i cannot prove this i think the board made their decision before i even sat down.
I am in the new pilot program, but that being said i went through the legacy program the first time, and the new PEB was for a combination of the first and more conditions. My first PEB was for my Lumbar Spine, they said i was fit because i could do an hour commute. Which was crazy. Now my neck started going back and my thoracic spine is messed up too, yeah i can move around but i really can't work out anymore like i used to.
I found out that you shouldn't bother the PEBLO to much IE: once a week to find out what is going on. So i sit here and wait for the Navy to approve my findings. I was able to see what the VA recommended before the board sees it. But i got lucky. I have tried to contact the PEB directly and having no joy. I was told by 2 different VA reps that my package was sent back to the PEB for Concur or not Concur, so i now sit and wait for my fate, or really i should say my retirement. Cause if you go to the VA and do the physicals you are already found unfit. I hope that answers your questions. Maybe a little to much. :)


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was wondering how some people say they already know thier fit/unfit finding already without having the VA stuff comeback yet. The new IDES system you dont get your finding back until yoour is also back. The Peblo lets you know at one time. As as the VA payment of servance. if dod says you 20% that you are meb boarded for, then the vawhat va ratedo lets say you va payment is 1000 a month
then the VA would subratc 200 a month until the severance was paid off, you will still get the other 800 from the VA, so you have to pay back the servance with va money,

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Yep, the parking at the Navy Yard is atrocious. I am sorry I missed your earlier posts with questions. That is part of why I moved to this new software, it is easier to keep track of posts and questions.

As far as what gets "paid back" to the VA, are your conditions incurred in a combat zone? This makes a big difference for separation pay issues.


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Well my journey has finally come to an end. The Navy is retiring me. I found out 2 weeks ago that i was rated at 50% DoD and 80% VA TDRL. I am just glad that this is over. Boobootex, there are ways of finding things out you just have to be proactive. If you wait on your PEBLO to contact you that could be a very long time. But i found out i was unfit because my case went to the VA for rating. On the Legacy system it didn't go till you ffound out what you were rated from the Navy but with IDES if you go to the VA you are found unfit. You just have to see what the VA rates you at. But i am happy that it is finally over, Not really sure why with the numbers and my back condition how they put me on TDRL, maybe they are hoping i will miss one of my appointments and not have to pay me who knows. But little do they know i will be making all of my appointments. Jason and Mike and everyone else on here thank you for your help your patience and your support.


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i didn't know that if your package goes to the va that your are unfit. Contacted my Peblo last week and he told i should here something end of Apr. Va site says Pending Decision Approval. Gunmate if you know of any other for to find out can you let me know. My package was sent to DC like 20DEC11.


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This was my rough timeline.
Update: The rough amount of time for my IDES Process Total 2 year process between Legacy and IDES, just didn't want to go into the issues with

March 2011: Found Fit to continue Naval Service
April 2011: Not cleared for Sea duty
August 2011: New MEB Initiated
Sep 2011: MEB Completed recommended PEB
Oct 2011: C&P Exams completed
Nov 30 2011: Signed PEB Package and Addendums
Dec 1 2011: Package sent off to Washington Navy Yard
Dec 6 2011: Package recieve by IPEB in Washington Navy yard
Jan 5 2012: Contacted PEBLO. Stated my package was with Docs and that the VA was broke.
Jan 9 2012: Sent e-mail to PEBLO requesting clarification which "Docs" and asking if the board had convened for me.
Jan 17 2012: Sent e-mail to PEBLO, was told i wouldn't hear anything within a week and to contact him in 3 weeks.
Jan 30 2012: Finally got the word today that my package has gone to the VA, have no idea what my rating is
March 5th found out what my unofficial ratings were, PEB still had to accept it.
March 17th, found out i was approved 50% dod and 80% VA. Signed my paperwork that week. Also saw what the Navy proposed before it went to the VA. They recommended 20% Seperation.
Started my retirement proceedings, recieved message around march 20ish, that i would be retired at the end of June.
So i am having my retirement ceremony April 24th, then 20 days TDY and then 44 days leave, and officially retire on June 28th.
Exactly 16 years and 2 months service.
I am just happy that it is finally over.

Words of advice:

1. Keep on your PEBLO
2. Read all the information in your package
3. Engage the VA rep ( i had a great one)
4. Keep records of everything
5. You can't have your CoC do the NMA like your the best person in the world, state how your injury impacts your work and home life
6. Make sure your Doctor, has experience with the PEB and IDES process. Mine did and she wrote my package the way that the PEB wanted to see it.
7. Keep your PEB attorny informed and make sure that you both want the same thing.
8. Cover your Ass!!!!!! Just like you did in the military make sure you are in the right. If you feel that they screwed you appeal appeal appeal.
9. Use this forum as a tool in your tool kit but don't take everything for gospel, different situations for different people. Mike and Jason are awesome and have the most knowledge i think out of anyone i have dealt with on here, sorry to everyone else.
10. Engage your CoC!!!!!! If they wont work with you then you will be left hanging.
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