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NBSD IDES Navy Timeline

Seaman Timmy

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I've posted a couple of times on the forum asking for help so I thought I would help out by posting a timeline.

  • 31AUG20 Got call from MEBLO for initial signing of referred condition.
  • 01SEP20 meeting with MEBLO, signed for "Military Treatment Facility Provider Referral.
  • 02SEP20 received legal counseling
  • 03SEP20 signed for IDES election
  • 09SEP20 received email from MSC to schedule VA C&P Claims
  • 10SEP20 received IDES legal counseling
  • 11SEP20 Meeting with MSC
  • 10OCT20 received call to schedule C&P Exams
  • 16OCT20 Hearing C&P Exam
  • 28OCT20 Head to toe C&P Exam
  • 30OCT20 Dental C&P Exam
  • 31OCT20 Psych C&P Exam
  • 20DEC20 shows case closed
  • 05JAN21 call from PEBLO to go sign NARSUM
  • 27JAN21 signed for Revised NARSUM sent to PEB
  • 17FEB21 PEBLO Called, Found UNFIT.
  • 18MAR21 received email from DTAP to schedule appointment
  • 26MAR21 signed for findings 70%TDRL / 100%VA
  • 31MAR21 Received call from MSC, Exit interview done over phone same day
  • Currently waiting on Retirement orders.

All this being said, does anyone know who will be calling me informing me of my retirement date? DFAS? PSD?



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Thanks for sharing! I'm here at NBSD as well, figured I'd add onto timelines here for anyone's reference.

3MAR21 - Got call from MEBLO.
4MAR21 - Met with PEBLO.
5MAR21 - Legal counseling and signed for IDES election.
9MAR21 - IDES legal counseling and received email from MSC to schedule.
10MAR21 - Meeting with MSC.
11MAR21 (estimate, can't remember exact date) - Scheduled C&P exams.
17MAR21 - DTAP/MDB class.
23MAR21 - Hearing, labs, and head to toe C&P exams.
25MAR21 - Psych C&P exam.
29MAR21 - Eye C&P exam.
01APR21 - Dental C&P exam.

Now I'm just playing the waiting game. Seems to be going relatively quickly compared to some timelines I've seen.

As far as your question goes, I believe the PEBLO should be giving you all of that information (from what I heard at DTAP).

Seaman Timmy

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  • Chief informed me that my separation date will 27JUN21. Looks like it is around the 90 day mark +/- a day or two. Also was granted 20 days of PTDY. Though from my understanding that is up to the command.