Need advice for MEB


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I am an Army Reserves Soldier. I have been in for 18 1/2 years with about 9 yrs active. Been deployed many times last to Afghanistan ( The Afghan Army burned everything on drainage pits and even dumpsters and messed me up). I only have a permanent profile for Asthma which is non-limiting and has not been updated in 2 years. The VA has me at 70%, 50% for PTSD, 30% for asthma, and 0% for migraines (I'm resubmitting for Migraines and asthma). I get a Zolair shot once a month (have to carry an epi pen as I could go into shock from the shot), take Proventil for attacks and Symbicort for prevention along with singulair once a day. Still my asthma is not under control. The migraines happen 1 to 2 a week. I take Topamax and Rizatriptan for the migraines. I am wondering if it is worth it to MEB or wait for retirement. If I MEB can I collect both VA comp and TERA?


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Good evening wook67,
In order to have an MEB initiated. You will need a P-3 profile to start the process. You will also need an LOD (s) stating the your conditions arose while on active duty.
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