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Hello everyone my name is morgan, and I need some help on what to do next. I just received my PEB bored findings. I was found unfit for the military and receive the rating of 100% VA but only 10% DoD and I don’t understand why my DOD rating was only 10%. Is there a way to challenge my DOD percentage or do I just settle and take 100% And get medically discharged instead of medically retired.


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It is possible to be 100 VA and 0 DoD, BUT. Do you have an attorney? The services provide free attorneys to members undergoing a PEB. If nyes, talk to your attorney. If not, get one ASAP!!!

DoD only rates unfitting conditions while the VA rates all service connected conditions. This is why the percentages can be different between DoD and VA. But sometime the informal PEB gets something wrong in which case your attorney will appeal to the Formal PEB. Another avenue is your 10% condition was not rated properly in which case you ask for a VARR.

BLUF: Get with your attorney in the morning.
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