Need help regarding C2 code. *AF Question*


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I was RTD almost a year ago, but for whatever reason it never reflected in the system until recently. I now have a C2 code for my condition and should, in theory, have a RILO this year based on when I was RTD from SAFPC. But someone didnt do their job, so my stuff just got updated and they moved my RILO to next year around this time because of their recent update. Is there a way to have that corrected? I'm not sure if they even looked at the date on the RTD paperwork from SAFPC.


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Hmm...not sure if I understand. Are you wanting to have a RILO done soon? Has your condition changed for the worse? I understand that you likely are supposed to have a RILO done by now, but what are expecting the RILO to accomplish? I was MEB'd eleven years ago and have had at least nine changes whatsoever to my ALC-C2 and my medical status.
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