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Jared Cash

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O.K. so here's the deal,
I am in need of some assistance of an issue regarding my medical care and possible Admin Separation. Here's a quick introduction, I've been in the Marines 10 yrs. and in the infantry and have deployed 5 times with four of them Combat. I have had and currently have a Pilonidial Cyst which has caused me to have four surgeries (December 2009, December 2010, November 2011, April 2012, and one pending on November 1st, 2012). The surgeries would have been closer but I opted out of one to complete Pre Deployment Training and go to Afghanistan from March 2011 to Sept 2011. I was placed on BCP (Body Composition Program) on April 3rd 2012, while I was still recovering and just about to have my fourth surgery (which was around mid April). I was originally evaluated by my Medical Officer and he originally put I had an Underlying Medical Condition but he referred me to the Residential Obesity Program which was not needed and incorrect but I did not know. Once returning from Convalescent Leave I was presented with a new BCP paper that was changed to no underlying medical condition but had restrictions to what I could and could not do, but it wasn't until June 14th i was officially placed on Limited Duty which I should have been on well over a year before. It wasn't until I got myself educated on the medical side that 90 consecutive days of Light Duty puts you on Limited duty and while I was on deployment I was on Limited/Long Term Light Duty for at least five months, then I returned to have surgery with the earliest date being in November and since the surgery in November the Surgery in April was to remove another cyst and to repair the wound that wasn't healing properly. After being monitored by my Battalion Aid Station I was never cleared after April's surgery and referred back to General Surgery in which I was told by the Surgeon that he could do nothing more for me and referred me to Plastic Surgery, which they scheduled me for Cyst Removal, Repair of the Wound and a skin Graph. While all this was happening I was on BCP and I recently asked the Medical Officer why there is no underlying medical condition he referred me to the Marine Corps Order P6100.12 W CH 1.pdf
Where you will find in Chapter 3, that pending and recovering from surgeries is not an underlying medical condition, the only way I would have an underlying condition is if I had a thyroid disease or I was on medication causing me to gain weight. I kind of find that hard since I have been recommended not to do any physical activity, even swim because my wound is still an open wound. I told him that the nutritionist I was seeing told me to maintain a 2800 calorie diet in which I did, but now the Medical Officer wants me to maintain a 1500 calorie a day diet, which I can do but I am still confused on how all the surgeries is not a direct link on me gaining weight. I don't know if I am waisting any of our time by inquiring about this, but this just doesn't seem right because I am due for my final weigh in soon and I will not make weight and soon after I will be recommended for an Administration Separation instead of Medical Separation. I have already been told by my Surgeon and Medical Officer I will be processed for a PEB but if the Admin Separation Starts before my PEB then I will not be able to pursue a Medical Separation. I sacrificed my health and well being to support the battalion and country by not getting the surgeries when I should have and now I will soon be facing a Administrative Separation because of it. If anyone can help me out or send me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it and if there is any further information needed I will gladly give it to you. Thank you.....
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