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Hello! Here's a background of my history. I am in the Navy and my knee problems started when i was finishing up A school for my rate (Aug 2015). I was in physical therapy/LLD from early Aug-mid Sep 2015 and got X-rays during that time which came back normal. The doctor diagnosed me with PFPS and I was told I could continue with PT on my own and continue on with my naval career, which is what I did. My knee felt a little better during C school, so I didn't get further medical treatment. Things got worse once I got to my boat, but I tried to just tough it out. Once I couldn't deal with the pain, I went to my IDC and was brushed off. I had to fight to get back into PT and from there, X-rays and MRI. The X-ray came back normal again, but the MRI showed quadriceps fat pad impingement syndrome. While in PT, I was put on Modalities Iontophoresis patches (topical steroids), which seemed to help for the few hours they were on. I have been LLD on and off since mid June this year and will be at about 80 days total when my current chit expires mid Oct. This is not including 5 days LLD for my hand when my knee gave out and i fell through a scuttle and caught myself. I have also been on Motrin, Meloxicam, and Naproxen, all of which did not help. I just started going to orthopedics this month and got my first injection a couple of days ago to the suprapatellar bursa, so my knee is still feeling even more painful right now. I guess my conundrum is that my newer IDC ignores aspects of my ortho doctor's chit and writes up his own just so he doesn't have to talk to he CO about it. My chain on the boat expects me to be able work for two very different divisions and will not acknowledge any medical issues and will not let me rest. They talked to the IDC without me, who told them that my chits are more of recommendations than orders, so I'm still expected to be on my feet and do more outside of the guidelines of the restrictions of the chit. I know quite of a bit of my future can depend on how I end up reacting to the injection, but I really have no idea what could be next. I have been finding it quite difficult to accomplish assigned tasks, have not even been able to stand regular watches and am concerned that punitive actions will be taken against me for getting treatment since I have already been punished, just not on paper yet. Any advice on how I can get further appropriate treatment would be welcome! I apologize if this post is not right for this forum. I'm looking for guidance if any of you or anyone you know has ever been in a situation where the command seems to do more harm than anything.


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Let your Patient Advocate know your concerns and go from there.
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