new MEB in six months...


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hello - for those that have never seen me on here, my husband went through a meb, fpeb and petition for relief, and was found FIT each time.

his referring condition are severe migraines that occur 5-6 days out of the week [his VA list was a mile long with his blood pressure issues, sleep apnea with machine and medication - it's that bad, as well as several other issues]. he undergoes botox treatments every three months and has an abortive medication that can only be taken 12 times a month called relpax, among other supplements, vitamins, medications that his neurologist has him on.

with all of that being said, my husband went in for his botox treatment this past monday and he was told by his neurologist that he is completely beside himself that my husband was found FIT, especially since the migraines are getting worse and he is having more breakthrough migraines with the botox. he said that in the next six months, he will be putting him back up for a MEB, barring some miracle happens and these migraines disappear.

so we started a migraine journal. every single day, we have been writing in this journal to document E V E R Y T H I N G and i am wondering if something like this has helped anyone else. after seeking legal counsel through all of this, we were told that my husband went above and beyond what he needed to be found UNFIT when it came to the statements he received, medical documents, NMA and new medical evidence as well. the one thing we were told is it may be beneficial this go around to have a journal as well.

any input and we would be grateful. thank you so much.


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Yes, migraine journals help. There are many posts here which discuss how to be successful with a MEB/PEB for migraines. Do not focus on the past and what you believe should have happened. Focus on six months from now.
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