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So after 14 years in the Air Force they are finally giving me the boot for my back issues. I would say I think the thing that bothers me is the information that is left off by my providers.

Firstly, I have 6 herniated discs throughout me C/T/L/S columns. This causes a number of issues down my right leg but because my EMG didn’t show any nerve issues they put my med boardable condition is back problems without radopathy (however you spell it). I just don’t see how that’s possible when pain shoots down my right leg and I’ve had numerous nerve burns in my back done for that reason. I don’t feel the EMG was a fair assessment of my nerve pain.

So, if I’m reading it correct they only rate the back as two parts? Cervical as one and Throacic/Lumbar/Sciatica (all of those grouped into one?

I’ve started my appointments with the QTC. The one thing that bothers me is they have been evaluating me but won’t let me see the results because it’s still in the claim portion. As for my back all I seen her writing was a bunch of 20s, a few 10s and maybe a 25 or 30 on one for my back range of motion. It’s bothersome because I want to make sure she’s accurate. She isn’t necessarily rude but I guess I’m anxious and want to know.

I’m going to post my conditions and any help as to what I can somewhat expect in regards to what some can relate to on those conditions would be awesome. The back is the only condition they put in being boarded for so I need that 30% for medical for me and my family.

I’m going for my sleep study on the 27th. I have all the signs of sleep apnea as far as snoring, wife says sometimes it sounds like I’m choking, and oral lukeoplakia is a sign from what the dentist told me. Where my tongue has spots on the side that are basically calluses.


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