New Member--Active Duty MEB started today.


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Hi all...I post this in the AF forum, and thought it would be wise to post here for any help you may provide....

Hello everyone, This is my first post to the boards and I'm looking for some input/suggestions.

I was just notified today by my PCM that my condition is being submitted to an MEB. Monday I have to meet with her and give her information for the narrative summary.

My Status: 17.6 years active duty.

My Condition: 8+ years low back pain, documented DDD, disc bulges, facet joint degeneration. My latest MRI states "Disc degeneration of the L4-L5 disc.....There is edema around the inferior endplate of L4 and superior endplate of L5. The visualized portions of the lower thoracic spine shows bulging and spondylosis at T7-T8, T8-T9 and T9-T10, most prominent at T8-T9 with possible cord abutment...The L1-L2, L-2-L3 and L3-L4 levels show no focal herniation or significant spinal or foraminal stenosis. L4-L5: Bulge/Protrusion with osteophytosos, centrally and slightly to the left. Narrowing of the exit zones. Mild facet arthropathy. Posterior osteophytosis. Bilateral foraminal narrowing. L5-S1: Mild facet arthropathy. Impression: DDD at L4-L5 with disc protrusion and foraminal narrowing.

My treatments over the years: MRI's, Xray's, corticosteroid shots, Facet Rhizotomy, pills, PT, Chiro, neuro consult..all leading up to I'm code 37, awaiting MEB on my AF Form 469. Duty and Mobilitity restrictions checked. No lifting greater than 25lbs.

Question for all: What happens next? Any trends that you know of? chances of being returned FIT w/ restrictions by the MEB? or do you think it will go to PEB?

Anyone in the same "boat" I am with same time in service who can tell me what happened to them?....I want to return to duty, because I feel I can still do 80 % of the job. I definately don't want to get screwed out of my retirement. Thanks in advance for your inputs.



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(UPDATE: 18 DEC 10)---My PEBLO called a couple weeks ago and said because our MTF had been sitting on a backlog of NARSUMS, my ROM measurements had expired (past 90 days) and that I had to go see my PCM and schedule a new measurment. I had those done yesterday---35% FF---worse than last time. They did the other measurements as well, but I cannot remember them. I'm now at 6 months since being notified that an MEB was being initiated, but my package has yet to be presented to the MEB. I'm also now at 17 years, 10 months active duty. It's going to REALLY suck if they come back with an UNFIT finding. I recieved a pretty good commander letter and I am able to do my primary garrison duty without a problem. The only stuff I cannot do is certain reaching and bending, and lifting of certain weight (my profile does reflect that).

I'm scared, and it blows my mind that I am now facing the possibility of being medically tossed-out after 18 years of excellent service. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for an ALC and Return to duty finding by the MEB. If it comes down to it (after IPEB/FPEB), I will probably be asking for LAS, what do you guys think my chances are?


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I currently work for my Brigade Ops until my MEB is complete. I work with a few guys who are actually right at the 20 year mark just as you are. On of them got their results but recently appealed because he wants to just stay in. He mentioned something about whatever the determined % was that was found for his disability is how much taxed free he will recieve if they allow him to just stay for his last couple of years.


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(UPDATE 24 Jan 11) My PEBLO just notified me that NOW my Commanders MIS (mission impact statement) is past 3 months old and EXPIRED. Do you guys see a pattern going on here? 7 months since MEB notification....and expired range of motion that had to be re accomplished...and NOW an expired CC statement that has to be re accomplished. Correct me if I'm wrong, but dose it appear to you that my medical group is dragging this out in hopes of screwing me over?...or, fishing for something that swings more in the Air Forces' favor?

My CC's initial letter was glowing, and really implied that I should be retained and continued fit for duty. I still believe he thinks that, BUT, you never know. It just dosen't seem fair. My PEBLO is useless and seems to be an advocate of the medical group and NOT of my case. The ROM ended up being worse than the one accomplished 3 months ago. I realize they have a year to write up the NARSUM, but come on. Am I just being paranoid? or has anyone experienced this same treatment?


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Absolutely! My package was done and ready to be signed and sent to AFPC in Oct. My PEBLO had to go TDY for 2 wks so I could not get in to see him and sign until he got back. When he did get back, he could not find my package and it all had to be reacomplished. He tried to pacify me and after 2 wks of getting knowhere, I had to get my CC to get in contact with his immediate supervisor...needless to say within 24 hrs my package was completed and signed and sent to AFPC with a tracking number given to me so I could make sure that it was received.

You have to really keep on the PEBLO's; unfortunately they have so many cases to deal with and cannot keep up with them themselves.


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Thanks to all for your posts. Here is an update...

2/11/2011 - UPDATE - Two things happened today and both have me stressed out to no end. One, PEBLO called and said that my local board will be reviewing my case today and that I should have there decision by Wedneday after the Group Commander reviews it. So, I'll know either "Fit" or refer to IPEB.

Second, I failed my third AF PT test. This puts me at quite a turning point. If I'm returned "Fit", I'll basically have one more shot at the PT test before being admin. separated with nothing to show for 18 years of service. If on Wednesday it's "Unfit" with separation, I HAVE to try and go FPEB for 30%...don't you think? Should I just take the lesser % and thank my lucky stars that I'm at least getting something?

In my opinion, because of my back injuries there's no way I can recover enough in 90 days to pass the 4th PT test.

If I'm returned "Fit", I've heard that I get an ALC-C. But, does that include an automatic permanent profile to protect me against an admin. sep.?


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I also have an injured back plus other injuries, so I know where you are coming from in respect to the PT test. Check out AFI 36-2905 Fitness Program, chapter 4, and look at the Composite Waiver. Your doctor can give you a Composite waiver if you are unable to perform any of the test and your condition keeps you from being able to exercise properly. I was granted this waiver this past weekend by my doctor because of my situation


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2/15/2011 UPDATE: PEBLO presented me with the MEB findings today. "Refer to IPEB". So now I get to write a letter of exception I think it's called, stating my reasons why I think they are wrong. I haven't decided whether or not to ask for an impartial review. Then I get the joy of waiting another 30-60 days for their decision. I had a really good Commanders letter though.

Unfitting condition listed: Intervetebral disc degeneration leading to chronic pain (ICD9 722.52).

Anybody wanna place any bets?


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17 Mar 2011: IPEB returned today: RETURN TO DUTY. Now I just have to pass my PT tests until retirement.


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MEB Questions
I started my MEB back in Oct-Nov 2010 I was being MEB because of cervical spondylosis, first person I spoke to was a VA rep who drew up a VA Form 21-0819 I then spoke with a neurosurgeon and an another doctor. Who said that I was worse off than what the neurosurgeon claimed. I had a few QTC medical appointments one for PTSD, and one for all others to include my cervical spondylosis in which the doctor that examined me stated that his view on my injury was that I do not have cervical spondylosis and that I have Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a problem in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly (a neuropathy). The emphasis is on the nerve root. This can result in pain (radicular pain), weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles, and brachial plexopathy is pain, decreased movement, or decreased sensation in the arm and shoulder due to a nerve problem. By mid Jan I was done with all my QTC appointments. By 2 March, 2011 my PEBLO called me and said that my VA exam results are in and that he has to type my MEB and forward them to the MEB DOC for review and approval. He then said that he would be contacting me for my review and election and then this packet would go before the MEB.
Here are my questions.
1. What do the MEB Doctors do?
2. What am I reviewing and electing
3. What does the MEB board do that the doctors that have my stuff now don’t do?
4. When was the commanders’ letter written I have never seen one.
5. I have read on here about people getting a DA 3947 when is that given to me.
6. What forms does the PEBLO type up before sending it to the doctors for review and approval (when I asked why it went there he said it was to make sure it was correct before going to the MEB board.
7. When can I expect to see my NARSUM.
Please if anyone has any information on if I am on track with how this works, or who I should be talking to because I don’t think that I am getting complete information from my PELBO.
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