New Member- Will I get any disability??


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Hi, I am 6yrs active, I was diagnosed and beat abdominal cancer this past year and have bad side effects from chemo. My cancer is gone with little chance it will come back, but the damage from the chemo is not looking like its going to get much better.

Does anyone know if they will give me disability?

I have seen that if cancer is active you get 100% or they keep you active, but mine is gone, its the side effects that have caused the problems. If cancer just appears and there is no direct link to a cause, will they just med sep me without benefits?

I do want to get out so i can be around family so i have a better support system but if i get out with no disability I'm screwed, but all i do now is sit in my home and go to doctor appts and therapy appts, and being stuck in a house with no family close by is giving me depression. I have friends but they work obviously so i only see them a few times a week. I have nerve damage that hurts and prevents me from driving!! My hands hurt and it has taken forever to type this.

Please help


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On the DoD side, if unfit for the condition, even if rated 0%, you would still get disability severance. On the VA side, they will rate the residual affects.

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