New sleep study through the VA?


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I recently got out a few months ago from active duty. I'm on a temporary medical retirement. I started making appointments through the VA to get additional medical help and they want me to do another sleep study. I already did two while active duty and have been on my cpap for about a year now. Is this sleep study mandatory? They told me not to bother bringing my cpap or previous sleep studies in.

I don't mind doing another sleep study but I only worry since I am diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and what if they determine that because it's mild and not severe that I shouldn't use a cpap? I guess I'm concerned that their standards might be different from the military. They already started prescribing me less of my medication compared to what active duty was prescribing.

I just needed additional filters and stuff like that.. I should have gone through tricare I guess.

Can anyone chime in on this?
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