NLT date has come and gone

Hard Times

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Situation: I am an AGR Soldier that went through the IDES process. Completed all C&P exams and received my proposed ratings of 60% DoD & 90% VA. I received a memo on 9 Nov 17 from my PEBLO but I had to follow up with her for any information on my case. On the memo, it stated that I had a NLT date of 17 Jan 18. Well that date has come and gone.

Actions: I requested a Congressional inquiry with my Senator, stayed in contact with my state HRO-AGR section, my AW2 coordinator, my BH counselor, the transition section at FT Rucker that supposedly sent my documents requesting for an extension for my NLT date of 30 March 18. Til this day, still nothing on where my paperwork has been approved or disapproved. The POC at Rucker who supposedly sent my documents is scrambling to find out where I stand.

Today, I have yet to receive orders p!acing me on TDRL. I am at a lost on how I feel through the cracks and the irony is that I kept following up with my state and Ft Rucker constantly. As per the POC, he sent my documents to wherever to get an approve/disapprove on my request on 14 Dec 17. I sent all my DA 31's and DA 4187 since 12 November 17.

What else can I do besides sitting at home worrying about my case? Any response is greatly appreciated.
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