NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

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Thought I would share my timeline with the group. This is definitely an exercise in patience.

23MAR18 - Start first LIMDU period (Major Depressive Disorder - MDD)
06SEP18 - Fit for duty
09NOV18 - Start Second LIMDU period (MDD)
20FEB19 - Referred to PEB
20MAR19 - QTC Appointment (Hearing)
27MAR19 - QTC Appointment (Dental)
02APR19 - VA Appointment (Head to Toe Physical)
05APR19 - VA Appointment (Mental Health)

I have been told by my PEBLO it will take 2-3 weeks after last VA appointment to compile required docs (VA exams, NMA, Personal Statement, NARSUM) for signature. The mental health appointment, tomorrow, is my last VA appointment. So that should start the clock on signature and sending to DC. I am hearing about 2 months from date of sending to DC for findings (based on word of mouth from others at that point in the PEB process at NMCP). Each case is different and my interactions are related to mental health.


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Yes that timeline is accurate I'm going through process at NMCP just make sure you stay on top of your stuff appts etc and make sure command stays on top of NMA meaning do it in a timely fashion, also make sure your NMA reflects your desired outcome. From what I've seen for navy case NMA is very important piece of whether you will get fit or unfit.

Waste Heat

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Mustang thanks. I had a very active role in my NMA and it aligns to my desire for an unfit finding. I got after the NMA early in the process and it was in routing when I was referred. My PEBLO has it in hand. I have heard via word of mouth, on this forum and from the PEBLOS themselves that the NMA will carry 50% of the direction of findings.

Do you have your findings or waiting?
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