no percentage because i didnt want to take meds?


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I received a zero percent rating for migraines that have afflicted me for the past two years on a two to three times a week basis. I have visual changes and cannot speak or do anything but lay down. I had mris and everything done and was prescribed meds by the neurologist. The side effects freaked me out so i stuck w ibuprofen because the 800s worked. Now im hearing because im not taking the prescribed meds i dont get a percentage? Is this right?

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It may be the case, but probably not. The reason for this would be "unreasonable non-compliance with treatment." They have to advise you in writing of this and your refusal must be unreasonable. I have never seen them actually go through the required steps (though, I have seen them subtract from ratings using this as justification....I brought a case where that happened to the BCNR and was able to get my client retired based on them not following the required steps).
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