On profile for LOD with Conversion/RIFT


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Here is a whole other set of questions. As stated in previous posts, i am a a full time technician and a traditional guardsman. I am currently on MEDCON orders due to surgery. My unit is in a rift/conversion and my position, both technician and guard is being eliminated next month. The length of my recovery from my injury is going to go well beyond next months rift timeframe and eventually in the coming months i'm going to be returned to light duty by my doc, and i will probably be on light duty for some time until i'm all better. But i wont have a job to return to light duty at because my technician position will be eliminated next month along with my traditional afsc. Will i be put on any type of mil status MEDCON/ INCAP until my injuries are healed? They wont give me any answers at my unit, wont let me cross train to a new careerfield due to being on a profile. I'm kind of being left out while everyone else effected is jumping into new careers. The technician side is pretty cut and dry, i think, "find a new technician job or get out of the program". But the military side isn't, i have 4 years left on my enlistment, 6 yrs to 20, and i want to stay in , but there not giving me any answers and time is coming fast.
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