Oompa loompa doompety doo, I've got a PEB riddle for you...


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Looking over several of the other posts and replies, I think I have a pretty good idea of what is coming my way. But! Like everyone's individual case, mine also has lots of qualifiers that make my head spin. Can anyone field this?

Here's my situation;

4 years active enlisted, 4 years ROTC (not considered good years, no SMP), 8 years active commissioned, 6 years reserves.
So, 12 years active, 6 years reserves for a total of 4422 points.

Just got my PEB back, recommended unfit.

I've currently got 100% VA, and the PEB Condition I'm being boarded for is rated 70% by the VA, also combat related. So, let's say for kicks and giggles that the DoD percentage will magically be the same 70%.

Now, my PEBLO says that since I dont have 20 years active or 7200 points, I will get a Retired ID card, and Tricare "participation" prize (what is that, Prime?) and nothing else. Yes, I still get my VA compensation, but nothing from DoD / DFAS as far as a Retirement payment. Not now, not when I'm 60, nada. That doesn't sound right to me...but what do I know? I've never been medically boarded before.

So, now I'm asking what the difference between being rated 30% vs 70% even means coming out of the reserves...but of course he couldn't answer that. He mentioned I should find out about CRSP. Yeah, I know about that, but I need some sound advice on DoD retirement pay, not VA or CRSP.

Bottom line is I need to know if it's worth it to fight with HRC and try to squeeze out my last two years or just take the "retirement" as is. If I get DoD retirement pay (not VA, not CRSP...Harold!) now, it's a no brainer.

Is brainer a word?


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Your PEBLO is correct the CRSC makes up for it. If you have less than 20 years of service you are not eligible for concurrent receipt you only receive the higher of the DOD pay or the VA pay it almost always just the VA pay. CRSC helps you recoup some of the lost retirement pay, luckily its a combat disability or you wouldn't be eligible for CRSC. The best option would be to make it to 20 so you can claim all three.
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