Opinion on TBI rating please (Jason, M.A. Parker)


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I have been rated at 70% TBI with cognitive deficits (not considered unfitting) and 30% for homonymous hemianopsia (left sided visual field defect, unfitting) that was diagnosed by VA healthcare (not QTC) and civilian providers.

It is the medical opinion of the providers treating me that the defect is related to trauma to my right occipital lobe.

I also have been treated for retinal hemorrhaging in my right eye and the provider that is treating it has made the opinion that it is directly rated to the trauma to my right occipital lobe.

Here is where it gets silly, the QTC physician that performed my vision evaluation made the opinion that he feels it is congenital.

In addition to the visual field defect and retinal hemorrhage, I am currently being treated by concussion therapy specialists for peripheral vestibular disorder (left off my 199) the opinion of my neurologist is that this condition is directly related to my TBI.

I have one additional condition that is neurological related to my TBI which is Urogenic Bladder, this condition began was also not rated on my 199 (two conditions claimed that we're not addressed by QTC but have extensive medical treatment and a LOD).

Could the TBI and visual field defect be rated together as an unfitting condition? I feel as if the PEB looks for the lowest rated unfitting condition and tries to just use it.

Long story short, is it likely to get the PEB to find the TBI unfitting or a waste of time.


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How did it turn out. Your situation sounds a lot like my husbands. His TBI is also not considered unfitting. He also has a vestibular condition.
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