Options if decline 3rd surgery


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Ive been active duty for going on 2 years, and I tore my labrum in OSUT. I got to my duty station and got it all figured out and scheduled my surgery. 1st surgery was a failure so all the pain and rehab was a complete waste. 2nd surgery was also a failure and now I have more extensive injuries to go along with it (bicep tendinitis, degenerative osteoarthritis, narrowing ac joint, bone spurs, and fluid build up). The success rate goes down with each surgery and my doctor wants to do a much more evasive surgery. Ive got the injury to a point to where I can tolerate and sort of live my day to day life with my shoulder being completely unstable. I'm in constant pain, and with 3 kids and a tough MOS (19D) another surgery would be extremely rough on my family and I. I have been going to behavioral health due to depression from the injury and the failures in attempt to fix it. My wife wants me to decline the 3rd surgery and I agree with her. I lost all trust in my doctors and the PT that comes along with it. I've had different doctors every single time due to them deploying weeks after my surgeries. What will be my options once I decline the 3rd surgery? They haven't yet brought up a MEB or 5-17 but I mentally or physically can't handle another surgery. So what will be my option once I decline the surgery?
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