Orders after LIMDU


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So I was recently found fit for full duty and worldwide deployable after my 6 month limdu period. It seems I'm going to have a problem passing my overseas screening simply because the gaining command (a ship not shore duty) thinks I may be unsuitable. I recently received orders to a boat that will be dry docked for two years after they return from deployment. My entire team of doctors stated I was completely fit with no type of limitations, but yet the smo on the boat said I was unsuitable and I haven't been able to carry out those orders. What are my options? I would like to stay in the navy and finish my sea rotation but if every boat responds negatively I'm not sure how that can happen. I was originally on limdu for anxiety with depressive moods.


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Typically gaining commands review medical conditions and determine if those conditions are supportable. This is a typically PCS process.
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