Overseas LIMDU rejected to MEB timeline questions and recording of my timeline


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First, is there a resource that details the timeline of the MEB package from it being sent to DC, through the MEB, the selection of the peb site, the peb, the VA process and the getting it off the Navy, in whatever order it is supposed to be?

Second, my terms may very well be incorrect. Sorry about that in advance. I'm a BM, not a HM.

My timeline so far :
History. 2013 Christmas I developed a superficial vein clot in my right leg. 2 months of treatment later, I was cleared. I was at TPU at the time, so no need for LIMDU or medhold.
2015 Christmas, I develop a DVT behind my right knee which I was alerted to by the extension cord that was a blood vein on the inside of the calf. I was on a ship in yoko, so I was taken off the ship, given limdu orders to balboa, and spent 12 months on limdu, and 6 months getting orders back to the fleet. (back to yoko)
December 2018 I walked into a sidewalk stanchion that got me in the groin area and ended up giving me a whole load of DVT's. Got put on medhold December 21st.
11 February limdu office received my limdu rejection letter, due to my treatment not having an end date. (I'm now on blood thinners for the rest of my life)
This triggered the start of putting in a MEB package to DC, so HM2(who was on leave until the 23rd of February or so) asked for my CoC's contact information, which it took is a few business days to assemble and get to him. He then send the NMA form to my CoC, and is waiting for them to get the Captain's signature and return it to him. He says once he receives it from the ship, he can send my package to DC, and they'll take a month to get an answer back to me/us about whether I'll be accepted or rejected.


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That sounds like a very ambitious projected date on the part of the HM2.


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I asked him for the shortest timeline having me stateside, and he said at the earliest would be July. I have relationship stuff going on, so I want to stay until I get my other stuff done.
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