Overweight Flag and Possible Chapter


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My husband was flagged for being over weight in November of 2011 following surgery in September of 2011 for his ankle to repair ligaments. Also, he has not healed from his ankle surgery with time and physical therapy. His PCM won't put him on a temporary profile after he came off of the temporary profile in November. Now, he has re-injured his ankle and can hardly walk even with physical therapy. The physical therapist has requested a x-ray but according to my husband's orthopedic surgeon, a x-ray won't show further damage to his ligaments and he would need a MRI.

I am truly at a loss here and I want my husband to get better but I'm afraid that his company commander is going to attempt to Chapter him out of the Army. I feel he shouldn't be chapter but should be sent to a MEB. He has other issues that do no meet the Army medical standards and haven't for approximately 9 years. I've looked the standards up myself.

His PCM (some Major) told him that he should be healed by now and to suck it up and pass his next pt test in the next 30 days.

Any advice as to which way he can turn? I don't think his Commander would be willing to help or his PCM.


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If I was in his shoes I would go to sick call everyday I had symptoms. A physician is a physician; rank doesn't matter. They are not line officers!!! He should talk with the patient advocate and try for a second opinion. Also, they are required to send you for a physical before leaving the service. This is in place for them to evaluate conditions that need addressed. Are they always helpful? No, but he needs to make it known now that he is hurt and can't PT. Also, sometimes going outside the MTF is helpful. The ER might request x-rays/MRI that his PCM is reluctant to do. Just some ideas.
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