Panic Attacks w/ Agoraphobia Being Changed to PTSD w/ Major Depressive Disorder


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Hello, everyone. I apologize if I am not posting this where it needs to go.

I was medically discharged in 2013 w/ a rating of 60%. 10% for my knee and 50% for Panic Attacks w/ Agoraphobia.

2/18/19 I had to be evaluated again through the VA. The C&P examiner informed me that she was changing my diagnosis and that she didn't "give a shit" if the VA didn't like it. Her words not mine.

My diagnosis is now PTSD w/ Major Depressive Disorder. Obviously I don't know what she is writting down. But this is the first time I have been asked about traumatic events. Maybe I just never wanted to discuss it but this time it was brought up that I had lost 2 guys in my platoon, another close friend lost his legs, my team leader lost his eye and a local ANP was blown in half right beside me. Maybe because it is hard to talk about that stuff and I never do or want to.

After that is when she told me that I had been misdiagnosed. It was also brought up that I do not hold a "normal job". I don't leave my house much and I "work" from home. Basically my wife works full time and my parents help support me by letting me do tasks a 12 year old could do from the comfort of my home. The doctor even asked me if I would be able to work in a normal working environment and of course the answer is no as I have EXTREME anxiety along with panic attacks. My appearance was also brought up because I am not clean shaven and I guess I didn't show up in my Sundays best...mainly becaues I don't care.

The only other information I can give is that the amount of panic attacks I have 3 to 4 a week, lack of sleep and waking up in full blown panic attacks was brought up like it was when I intially had this claim started.

I could care less about a rating increase my concern is that with it being changed should I expect a lower rating because of this? Hoping someone that has went through this could fill me in. This doc seemed to be really pissed at the VA by the way...


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Ended up getting rated at 80%. 70% PTSD 10% for my knee that I had two surgeries on while serving. Thanks for your input!
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