PCM denies MEB recommendation.


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So, I had seen providers three times about my symptoms of partial seizures. The first two times we didn’t know what it was, the last appointment I had told the provider what the issue was that had been going on for a couple of months. I asked To be referred to neurologist but the only referral I was Given was to behavioral health for “hallucinations”. 3 days later (Aug 2017) I had the actual grand mail seizure and had a CT scan that showed a brain tumor. I then Had a surgery biopsy. After that I was On a Temporary profile for 6 months pending the diagnosis of stage and type of tumor. My profile PULHES never changes from number 1, all it stated was “do everything at own pace and distance” so finally found out the tumor was low grade/benign and I was Referred to another Neurologist and surgeon. My profile was then removed after the 6 months (Dec 2017) and I eventually decided to do surgery to resect the tumor. I had no More grandma seizures just a few times still has the same symptoms of those “partial seizures” especially when running or being really active. I was moved to warrior transition unit because my medical situation caused me to have too many appointments using the unit funds to send me there. I finally Had my surgery (sep 2018). My tumor was not able to be 100% resected but maybe 95-99% resected. After surgery I had A temporary profile PULHES still at 1. I started To have worse headaches and vision change a little. My profile expire Dec 2018 which is when I had my “Final” appointment with the neurologist team to see what recommendation they would give on me RTD. The doctor recommended that I should Not return to duty because of risks for seizures, seizure meds and consistent monitoring of tumor every 3 months. Long story short my PCM said that’s bullcrap and the doctor just wants to make money off me being military. He said my tumor, surgery and migraines didn’t meet the MEB recommendation requirements. He gave me a P2 profile because I was Seizure free for a year from my very first grandmal seizure. Even tho I’m on meds but I read The regulation it says as long as your meds are non toxic. I dont Understand that but I’m guessing mines aren’t that’s why it’s ok to RTD. he also said I am Deployable even though my profile code is F, which is to limit me from any assignments or duty stations that don’t have medical care basically. So idk if I’m deployable with that code. I tried To re enlist but they told me to get my profile clarified more. My question is....what can I do To get referred to MEB because I feel That I should Be able to get my health benefits for a medical condition that I will Have to deal with forever, also my provider was telling me to just do VA health care and claim. My ETS date is June 2019. The thing that makes me question this is there’s a CPT in the unit with me with a benign tumor no seizure or surgery but he was referrred to MEB. Yes I’ve gotten into it with my NCM and ppl at my unit so I’m just trying to make sure this isn’t a personal decision and that I just Truly meet rententioj standards. No I’ve never done the trial of duty that’s another stated in at 40-501


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If change of me. Dang. Sorry to hear your situation. That's why i hate military doctors. HATE!!! Hope you can get everything sorted out. Id try calling your base ombudsman and they will point you in the right direction. They did me. And im getting out at the end of this month from my medboard. My ombudsman got my meb started by making calls to the right people back in August of 2018.


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I concur with talking to the patient advocate. Your service's retention standards should be found in the resource section of this website. Review their standards against you medical conditions and medication to see if you are due an MEB.
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