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Initially after I signed my 199 my PEBLO, almost more excitedly than me, said I would get orders in 3-14 days like most everyone else here has said. Then he went on leave... and haven't heard from him since, but he left an alternate number for the supervisor. I reached out to him and was told "It's at the PEB they are just backlogged because the system is still down I'll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as something happens." So I wait and read other posts here and wait and see people have been waiting 3,4,5,6 weeks to come down on TRANSPROC list. At the end of week 2 of waiting, I decided to reach out to my ombudsman because other posts have had stuff move once they involved them.
He meets with the supervisor and finds out that the system is down and they are having to work around it...same thing I already knew. What's new is that they are sending the 199s to the PDA with the SAFE system what they used to send you your digital copies of C&P Exams and NARSUM. This means if the PDA doesn't download the file within 14 days of it being sent then it disappears... That supervisor I spoke to called the PDA after I spoke with him the first time and told the ombudsman that the PDA said they didn't have my packet, so he resent it that day a week and a half ago and told the ombudsman what I said above. The ombudsman said to reach back out if I hadn't heard anything in a week and I have already done that so at this point I'm still waiting. Was hoping to have my papers and start clearing this week but we'll see.

I feel like the process moved pretty quick till the PEB Phase and still feel like it has moved faster than others on here, I feel 5h1tty complaining about a 3 week wait but If this info helps anyone else out there possibly jumpstart their timelines than my complaint is worth sharing.

Best of luck!
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