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I was discharged from the Army in early 2001 with a physical disability rating of 10%. I took my severance pay, but ended up paying it back prior to the VA starting service-connected payments. In 2011, I received a letter from the DoD PDBR board asking if I wanted them to review my original Army Medical Review Board disability rating. I completed the forms and responded with "Yes", at which time they began to review my old discharge file.

The PDBR sent me a final disposition last year, stating they found in my favor, and awarded me 20%; of which they stated I should've been discharged in 2001 with this new rating, and they overturned the original 10% from the Army. They issued their findings and a new DD-214 reflecting this change.

What I want to know is (since I have re-paid the severance pay, already) will the VA have to provide me with retroactive pay, reflecting the change of 10%, back to the discharge date in 2001? I re-opened my original SC claim, provided the PDBR review findings and documentation, and a statement explaining this to the VA Regional Office, and I am in a "waiting mode" at the moment. I am just curious if I did this correctly, or what I can expect with regard to retroactive pay in this case?

It would seem to me, that if I should've been discharged at 20%, but only received 10% SC pension from VA, I should be due the remaining 10% from the date of discharge, since the rating was found to have been in error and was overturned in my favor...but I'm no mathematical genius ;)

Thanks for any help provided!
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