PEB complete, 199 signed but getting misconduct discharge, do I have to redo the VA claims process?


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Long time lurker on here, really great forum. So a bit of background, prior service O2 with 5 years of service. Entered MEB process 04/16, signed 199 in 11/16. 60% Army 100% VA. I have a past of misconduct and had even more while in the MEB process so I am now facing an admin sep (2 GOMORs and 1 Article 15). Due to the severity and amount of misconduct, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the General under Honorable or OTH (CG recommended General Under Honorable but I am prepared for the worst). My question is what happens after I separate? My claim and everything is done with the VA. Now I obviously won't be getting anything from the Army, but will the VA start "automatically" after I am discharged? Or will I have to redo everything? I'm gonna be paying back a little bit of my scholarship money but I have 1 honorable discharge from my enlisted time so that saves me a bit of benefits and most of my claims are from injuries while enlisted. Any info you have on what happens next will be really appreciated. I messed up and I'm paying for it, but if anyone can clear up what the future looks like for someone in this situation, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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If you have a proposed VA rating, all you need to do is upload your DD-214 for the claim to become finalized.

If you get a OTH, the VA may only consider the injuries that occurred before your good DD-214, however like everything else with the VA you can appeal the decision if less than favorable.


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Thats good to hear. Thank you for letting me know. My case is at the Ad Hoc board now so I should be hearing back pretty soon. Fingers crossed they don't recommend an OTH, then I have another waiting game for the BOI. Thanks!
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