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Hey guys so I’m an m day solder in the Guard whose being separated for PTSD.. the assault happened in 2014 but I didn’t actually loose it until 2018.. I was performing exceptionally in my Civilian and military obligations / getting ready to pick up my 3rd MOS and couldn’t do it anymore.. was unemployed for 9 months and had my car repossessed bc I just couldn’t function and I was in and out of treatment for alcohol inc a 5 day stay in the psych ward. I’ve been in or was in for 7 years.. even though I’m technically in just not doing anything and sitting idle - I’ve been excused from my command from drilling etc.. from what I’ve heard my case went from the MEB which found me unfit to the PEB.. it was sent to the office of the state surgeon 3 almost 4 weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing also I haven’t heard from a PEBLO.. I honestly don’t know what to think or what’s going on or what that means in terms of disability and separation.. I won’t and haven’t gone to the va for treatment which I’m on meds bc I just feel bad about the situation.. can anyone please offer guidance on this situation and explain what’s going on and what this means.. it would truly mean so much and offer much needed assistance thank you so much


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it took 6months of non traditional drilling for the national guard to get me started, got a LOD started/done from my active time, heard from the PEBLO, did comp and pen exams, then got a narsum. Thats when you know your MEB is done. So if you havent heard from you PEBLO you maybe waiting from your unit to get you an LOD for what happened. I would contact your unit and ask. Also the VA can be a great resource for treatment, the system may not be the best, but the people can be great. Don't feel like you have to go through this alone.


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Thank you so much for your knowledge it’s jusr a waiting game and state of limbo..
Your State NG should have a full time Sexual Assault Prevention (SAPR) and Response person and a 24 hour hotline. Even if excused from drilling you are still a member of that NG and the SAPR can provide support.
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