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Hello Everyone,
I have read on several threads about the members making a personal statement on there own behalf. With the info on how the injury happened and what treatment they received and how they feel. Is there anyone out there that have examples of these? I am having trouble writing out my personal statement especially on how its suppose to look like and what should be included and how to say it.
Thanks in advance!


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This letter is your opportunity to tell the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) how your medical condition(s) impacts your ability to perform the duties and daily tasks required for your MOS/Rate. You should describe how your medical condition(s) prevent you from doing your job; if you wish to remain in the military you should state this as well, and anything else you want the PEB to consider. There's no format required.

However, I would be very cautious about writing a personal impact statement. Often times, the service member will say something they didn't wish to say or commit themselves to a statement they wish they hadn't (doing so could make it difficult to change your mind later). Personal Impact Statements are usually best for very rare circumstances involving very specific issues. Not saying you shouldn't write one, but I would discuss it over with someone first. I see more harm than good come from these type of statements. Just my opinion... but I would focus on gathering medical evidence that supports your condition.


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Specifically, as NoleNation said, there's no specific format. I used an MFR though, can't go wrong following the Tongue and Quill. I received a format from the OAC. I would contact your OAC or equivalent and they should be able to get your steered in the right direction. Once I completed mine I had the OAC review the letter along with my entire package in general. For what its worth I was RTD a few weeks ago at the IPEB.
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