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I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong place but I am not sure what has even happened to me at this point.
1, enlisted in active duty Air Force in 2008.
2, Transitioned to Louisiana Air National Guard in 2014 via palace chase (no break in service)
3, Began participating in ROTC in 2014 while attending Louisiana State University
4, Injured Knee in the line of duty while on a drill day in 2016.
5, Returned to duty with no restrictions and line of duty concluded late 2016.
6, Jan 2017, conditionally released from guard and reenlisted with ROTC pursuant to active duty commission following graduation. (no break in service)
7, July 2017, placed on orders to attend field training for ROTC
8, August 2017 Successfully completed field training
9, October 2017, notified that I needed a waiver for the line of duty knee injury in order to commission
10, October 2017, Commander ROTC, told me that I could not get a waiver, or an exception to policy, my reenlistment contract was rolled back to the day it was generated and everyone acted as if it never happened. That it was my last day in the uniform.
No MEB, Legal, TAPS, or any other out-processing. Just told I was not in the military anymore.

I have tried a veriaty of things to fight this.
1, Traveled to the office of the legislative liaisons office at the Pentagon but they told me it wasn't their job to help
2, went to congress and met my congressman and senator, they sent letters, but no legitimate responses came back.
3, Tried to get back on my old contract, no one knew how to do a recall under those circumstances
4, Tried to reenlist, but I cant due to little check box that says that i was denied entry before
5, Tried different branches, denied for the same reason as 4
6, Filed an IG complaint, he basically copied and pasted the response i got the first time from AETC SG
7, wrote numerous letters to chiefs of staff, SEC AF, SEC DEF, CMSgt AF, President (only one to respond), Former Presidents, etc.

Needless to say, I don't even know if I am eligible for a MEB, but it seems to me that I cant be both fit for duty with no restrictions and not eligible for service at the same time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Wow, what a tough case you do need an attorney. Commanders have a lot of leeway with ROTC cadets and have the option to drop candidates for various reasons and the service eats the loss of paying for your degree.
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