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Hey all! Been awhile since I posted or needed some advice. Just a quick recap. I was IRILO'd in 2018 prior to my retirement date. At the time didn't know much about IRILO and MEB. Anyways the Air Force decided to let me retire, since I had an approved retirement date. Did my C&P exams which I was surprised and rated 100%. Grateful for that. And now my question. One condition I was not rated on hypertension. My AF doctor did diagnose me for hypertension prior to my retirement, however those notes didn't make it for my C&P. I am thinking of filing a supplemental since it hasn't been a year yet. My concern if I was to die from hypertension that my family would still get something from my death. I have read a lot of info on this site and another which is causing confusion with me interpreting what happens. I was wondering on you all thoughts pro's/con's to doing this?