Posting a New Thread

Jason Perry

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Many new members are confused about how to post a new thread. The pictures attached to this show how to post a new thread.

1) The first file shows how to select a forum. You can see on the left hand side, there are a listing of forums. You want to select the one that is most relevant to your issue. In this case, say you have a question about Warrior Transition Units. You would click on that forum.

2) After you click on your forum, you will be taken to a new page listing all the threads in that forum. In order to post a new topic (as shown in the second file), click on "Post a New Thread." That will take you to a new page where you can enter your post.

That should do it for you. Thereafter, your post will show up on the forum home page.

Hope this helps!



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Also some forum edicate, like just posting to one section and not spamming your question on multiple topics.

Post descriptive title. I usually skip none descript topics.
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