Process completed - Denied


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I had mine processed and checked with a gentleman Jeff Johnson with the US Navy. It was denied any change. They only processed on my ankle nothing else that the VA found as secondaries or the fact of waiting lists from the navy that i eventually had tests and were found that i had. So that is just an update. Filed mine in April 2014, should receive it in the actual mail today.


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Is there any recourse or do we have to just accept it.
To my knowledge there is a process to appeal. They should include it with your paperwork you'll receive. When you appeal it'll be at the highest level. Supreme Court of appeals or something of that nature. You'll want their decision as well as your VA decisions, findings, dates, and treatment records. I'm sure a lawyer will happily take your case.


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What if they didn't give you a decision but the DDA sent it back to PDBR and PDBR sends you the letter refusing any change?


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I suggest you start a new thread. Posting to an old thread usually doesn't get as many views.
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