Profile for BH meds?


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I've been seeing BH for quite some time now. The provider recently prescribed me Klonopin. It seems to work ok so far, but I get dizzy when first taking it (30-45 min.) and then it kind of levels off. I was concerned with the side effects, so I mentioned it to the BHO (not my main provider) and they stepped out and spoke with my provider quickly while I was in the office. They said "there's no reason for a profile." This sort of caught me off guard because I don't want to be held liable if I am taking something that impairs me (even if it is briefly). I thought the answer I received was kind of weird and decided to do some research. Come to find out, MEDCOM issued a memo IAW DoDi 6490.07 (MEDCOM 17-099) for minimum profiling standards. It says that I should be on a temporary 90-day profile and it should be renewed while on the medication. I am by no means seeking something that is restrictive, but I would like to have something on paper that backs me up just in case someone in my CoC asks questions. What should I do in this situation? I hate badgering people- this seems like something the provider should have known? How would you all approach this? Thanks in advance.


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I agree with an electronic message to your PCM. Something like; I appreciate your not profiling me despite my dizziness. That puts it in his/her court!


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What you are experiencing is a common side effect. Are you sure that you're not experiencing any other symptoms? if so, I would be pushing for a profile. I have attached a link with other side effects. I hope that you get the outcome that you are looking for.
Dizziness seems to be the most prominent aside from drowsiness. blurred vision happens occasionally as well.
I am going to see the provider tomorrow during my appointment. I'm just not sure how to word what I'm asking for. I don't want to make it seem like I have to have a profile, but I also don't want to be held liable behind the wheel of a military vehicle if something were to go wrong.
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