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Hello my forum members,

I am a newbie here and need your support. I am an US Army reservist after 14 years of active duty as a marine and soldier.
As I’m getting older, my medical symptoms are getting aggravated and my health started going downhill.
I don't think I can make another 5 years to get 20 years of service.

My VA PCM and I don’t anticipate any improvement in the future. I’ve missed quite a lot of workdays due to my medical appointments and sickness. So I recently put my permanent profile request to USAR medical management center. I have 90% SC disability rating with PTSD/Depression/Asthma/Back Pain/Chronic sinusitis.
My VA PCM completed the profile request form and stated that my symptoms are permanent and my conditions can get worsen if I live in climatic areas with poor air quality. Also, my civilian psychiatrist said that I'm a high risk patient due to my family history of psychiatric and major depression.

My question is who is going decide I would be non-fit for duty so my packet gets to MEB process? My PCM says my conditions have limitations of duty that means it would automatically MEB process?
What is the average turnaround time to get the outcome after I submit my packet?

Thank you for your time and support.
Happy New Year.



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So it could take up to a month for them to generate your initial profile, as of FY2018 they require two signatures(at least in my case I had to submit the profile request via my unit as well). Weather they generate a P3 or not it completely up to them, most likely they will generate a temporary. On the second Temp is where the process will begin.

Hopefully you have been placing the conditions on your PHA's as well.


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RaiderX, thank you for your reply. I received my profile request form from my unit, and I was told to submit my packet to medical management center directly.
When I had PHA, LHI asked me whether I wanted to request profile or not.
But, I didn't request any of my health conditions on my PHA since I didn't want to get medically discharged. It was totally different than AD side.

Again, thank you for your time and support.
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