Provider safety and mental health patients


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The issue of why some providers are testy has come up several times on this forum. Below is a quote from
"In medicine, safety is paramount. As a specialty, psychiatry seeks to help those experiencing extreme psychological distress and vulnerability. Although providers may be hopeful and well intentioned in their clinical encounters, violence against health care professionals is an unfortunate and disturbing reality. A survey of American psychiatry residents indicated that 25% had been physically assaulted by a patient at some point in their training. Rates of threats and physical intimidation reached 86% and 71%, respectively. "

My wife was the director of the ER for many years. She says she has been assaulted in the ER by a patient at least once a year. I don't make excuses for snippy providers, but patients assaulting providers is real threat, particularly in the ER and Psych areas. As patients if we keep calm, but firm in our expectations we increase the likelihood of getting what we need.
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