PT Failure Thyroid cancer/ Possible Cushings disease


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My wife an E4 in the Air Force was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer which resulted with the removal of they her thyroid, she continued to gain weight. They tested for Cushings disease and we are still waiting for results but she had to take a PT test and failed the AC measurement. Now shes getting a 2 on her EPR instead of a 5 (which she would have had) and cant test for SSgt for another year. Shes undergoing a MEB for the cancer because she's medication dependent because of having no thyroid. Shes tried everything to lose the weight even be bulimic. Nothing is working for her. There has to be some way to get an AC measurement waiver right? Any help here would help!


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AFI 36-2905 will tell you about the abdominal circumference measurement fails provided you pass the other 3 components of the test.

Same AFI talks about non-pregnancy related AC exemptions.

TL;DR: You can get a AC exemption, but the DAWG will have to review it.
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