QTC Re-evaluation Concerns


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Hi all,

Thanks for the help, support and resources I have always gotten from this forum. I am currently on TDRL for PTSD/MDD at 70% and VA 100% P&T.

Yesterday I received an email from QTC to schedule a reevaluation. I was medically retired (TDRL) on 30 OCT 2019 so it has only been about 8 months. When I called they scheduled the appt for 9am tomorrow via video session. I would be lying if I said I was not super worried about this method and some of the reasons I am outlining below. I am not sure if this is just paranoia or anxiety associated with my MH but any advise for this appt would be helpful.

1) I have been seeing my MH therapist 1 X per week but not through the VA. I pay for the sessions as a TRICARE copay. The DOD does not have records of these sessions but when I asked the scheduler she said they did not matter and there was no reason not to schedule my appt. She said just to mention the sessions to the evaluator. I feel like my MH provider's weekly notes and diagnosis is very important and should not be "unnecessary, but vital" has anyone been through a reeval during COVID that can let me know if this is standard?

2) Since my initial findings of DOD70%, I submitted a Code 13 appeal and got the PTSD reevaluated as Combat Related (Sept 19). That has not updated in the VA's records.

3) I also submitted for CRSC and was approved at 80% as of Jun 2020. This is also not in my med record.

4) I have since been diagnosed with an eating disorder and have started treatment on MST that could not report while active duty. Should I bring these issues up with the evaluator or would they be a dis-tractor from my main MH symptoms which are all associated with PTSD/MDD.

5) Lastly, I am panicking that their reeval this soon is an attempt to remove my disability compensation and I would be lost without my TRICARE access to my MH provider. Is this in my head or a legitimate concern?

Thanks in advance for anyone's recent experience wiith TDRL-PDRL reevals and advice for how I should best proceed.


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1. They typically just scan over your VA progress notes its not that hard to get your medical records you can sign a release to have it faxed to you then fax it to the examiner. It does depend on whether the examiner will just take your word on how severe your limitations are or they want to see your notes or not you have to gauge that yourself.

2. Not relevant
3. Not relevant
4. Bring it up

5. That's not what's happening but TDRL exams are often "adjustment exams" they want to compare how you are doing from when you got out till now if better expect a reduction if the same or worst expect PDRL or an increase. "Better" meaning you have a full-time job going to college just got married started a family etc.
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