Qual for WTU?


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I am trying to figure out if the WTU is the appropriate place for me to be. I was wounded in OEF on my third deployment. Diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, Degenerative joint disorder in both knees, arthritis in my feet as well as the fact that I broke three bones on my spine in Afghanistan thanks to Muhommed BuildABomb and his fancy bag of tricks. I still have alot of pain due to the IED almost two year ago now. I PCS'ed from OCONUS to recruiting duty near Atlanta with a civilian PCM. Because of the injuries i cannot pass an APFT and therefore havent been able to graduate the recruiting school which makes me ineligable for the special duty pay that supposed to offset being remote to a base. I know if you have already began an MEB you are ineligable to be in WTU unless there are special circumstances. I am within the first month of the MEB however I am having to drive four hours round trip every appointment and I havent even started ACAP yet. I only want to get to Ft Benning where my MEB is already being processed. Not having the SDP (which is currently $375) is causing me alot of financial difficulty and i dont have any medical support locally because the PCM assigned to me has a backlog 3 months long. All of this on top of having no support for my family here literally has my wife in tears more often then not and my company command group didnt even consider doing a packet and just said i dont qualify. I still am working daily in my Recruiting center even though i have been here for a year and normally at a year without school you get recycled to the line. What I am getting at is what are the chances of getting to a WTU and if i cant is there anything else anyone might suggest. I am not doing well with this and I am about to just literally lose it if i get stuck here another year while this MEB processes.
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