Question about putting off VA claims while waiting for IDES to start


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I was asked way back in 2014 early 2015 by medical personnel at my unit to not go to the VA and claim my line of duty injuries because of messing up the IDES process. So now here we are 5 years after the initial line of duty injury and I'm only 2 months into IDES. 4 years of possible missed disability pay and once the verdict comes in, I will only be back paid to the 1st of May of this year. Throughout all of the surgeries and therapy I was told time and time again to not go out to the VA and do anything, that if I did, it would throw a wrench into the IDES process. Was I misinformed? Going into all of this not being injured before, not knowing anything about the VA and disability payments, etc. I didn't know what to do or really any info about how any of this works. Now, years later and tons of time spent researching all of this it seems as I shafted myself out of a considerable amount of $ possibly over years of missed payments.

What are your thoughts on this aspect of IDES?
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