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Question about rank and authority


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How come when it comes to Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and National Guard we have to follow the rules, protocols, and regulations of our expected branches. But when it comes higher officers in heavy seated position they break these procedures and policies just to get the outcome they want but punish us for breaking rules, protocols, and regulations why aren't they subject to punishment when you can show they have done wrong. Can someone please explain to me what is the difference between services member and officers.


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As a mustang I did 7.5 years enlisted and 10 as an officer. I saw MANY officer careers terminated early due to misconduct. Most of the time it was done discreetly, officer dirty Landry is not aired publicly. Not saying it should or shouldn't be, just that it isn't.

I have personally seen two Majors kicked out due to having affairs with enlisted members. One was caught red handed and the other was just caught kissing the enlisted female. "Conduct unbecoming" can mean just about anything and it is a career assaniation. You see, officers aren't normally given light punishments. It is normally just kicking them out, unless it is like a felony offense such as stealing from the government then they do jail time. So for an officer, there is no reduction in rank, taking half a months pay, restricted to the barracks, etc.
get a DUI as an officer and you're out. Anything above a simple speeding ticket is grounds for termination. They might say that CPT ______ PCS'd after his DUI, but what they won't tell you is that he do so as he was kicked out and granted his separation PCS move back to his home of record or wherever.

One of the Majors I mentioned above was discharged outright after an investigation and there were rumors before he was "retired". So it wasn't totally silent. He was a reservist with 17 years active time and 24 years combined active/reserve. He was terminated from the AGR side and "retired" on the reserve side.

The other Major was a silent case and he was said to have PCS'd, but after this "PCS" move, he was seen at a different Army base working as a DA civilian. He was discharged at 16 years and got no retirement.

I cannot tell you how many captains and LTs I have seen kicked out or resigned under pressure due to misconduct.

If you are talking about officer misconduct at the COL or above ranks, I doubt many here can shine a good light on them because their business is even more highly secretive and not talked about.

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I hear you. I had a 1stSgt who tried to order people to full duty. Of course, that's an unlawful order and can be ignored.
Same 1stSgt lied to me telling me I couldn't be held past EAS for a med board and my only option was to get put on full duty for EAS. Even though I literally worked next to another Marine who was on med hold past EAS for a med board...

This leads me to believe he was willfully lying to me to get me out ASAP, knowing how badly I'd be screwed.

There are some really horrible leaders out there who put tons of effort into denying people of what they may be entitled to. Those reasons may be...jealousy, dislike of SM, preconceived notions, why should someone with less than 20 be retired....they don't rate, etc.