Question. If I file CRSC before but only getting 187 a month can I file again.


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1.If you are receiving only $187, it is quite likely you either
---have few years of active duty
--have residual retired pay after the VA offset
--have a deduction for SBP and/or debt

2.CRSC for a CH 61 retiree is the lesser of
--Longevity portion of retirement
--Amount for the CRSC approved by your service.

3.CRSC is reduced by the amount of residual retired pay.

4. A reconsideration application can be submitted; however, one will never receive more than the dollar amount of the longevity portion of retirement, regardless of the increase in approved CRSC percentage. As stated, the CRSC is reduced by left over (residual) retired pay from the waiver of retired pay in the amount of VA compensation.

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